Essential oils are a concentrated liquid extracted from various parts of a plant, such as its stem, bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, or a combination. It are called an essential oil because it is considered to contain the ‘essence’ of the plant and its fragrance. In addition to their strong fragrance, each oil has some great reparative properties that can be used with the right knowledge about oils.

Slightly different in their chemical structure from fragrance oils (that have no therapeutic properties), essential oils have the ability to pass through the epidermis, the outer layers of the skin, and heal from within. It is because of its superior absorption that one has to be very careful in using oils.

There are many ways to get essential oils but the most common and effective one is through steam distillation. It takes a large amount of the plant to produce even 1ml of oil, which is why it is very concentrated in nature! But, it is the same strength that gives essential oils the ability to heal and repair without the need to add preservatives, chemicals, or any artificial product.

This is why we rely on essential oils in our completely natural blends for your skin care, hair care, and body care needs.


Elixir shop brings to you a world of chemical free cosmetic solutions tailor-made for all skin types. Our unmatched range of skin care, hair care, and body care products feature a well researched and unique blend of essential oils, which go deep into the cells molecular structure to repair it from within. Our 100% natural range features serums for all common problems faced by most of us today.

Elixir Shop products are ideal for anyone interested in a natural lifestyle with effective results and no-fuss application. Each product label shows transparency of our ingredients and only those ingredients that show proven results, including the carrier oil, are chosen to make our exceptional blends.

We use only pure and truly natural ingredients to make all our products. We pride ourselves on being a 100% natural brand that does not add preservatives or any harmful ingredients to any of product.

To ensure quality, we hand blend each product, thereby ensuring a personal experience each time you use our bottle. We avoid the use of too many machines and instead bottle each product by hand, and even label each of them by hand.

We pick very high-quality essential oils for each of our blends to ensure the efficacy of each product we make. We do not dilute or compromise on our products in any way. We strongly believe that all our customers should have the same product that we apply on our own skin and nothing less than that.

We endeavor to provide only quality products with the best natural ingredients we can source. We try to bring nature to you in its purest and strongest form, but in a small easy-to-use bottle. We believe that nature has almost all the answers if you know where to look, which is why we research and continuously study oils to pick the right blend for each problem.